About Us

Who We Are

ROASTmodern is a small-batch specialty coffee roaster. We work with local importers to source high quality, fairly traded, organically grown coffees.

Our Coffees

We focus on single origin coffees from small producer groups and cooperatives. 

Because coffee is a seasonal crop, our offers will change as bean availability changes by region during the year.

We also look for opportunities to support regional development initiatives. Our current Peruvian beans, for example, are produced by a cooperative of small farms that are 100% owned and operated by women. 

Environmentally Friendly Roasting

ROASTmodern uses a highly efficient electric coffee roaster paired with an electric smoke eliminator that, working together, consume less power than a household microwave oven.

Our equipment allows us to roast in small batches, which means fresher coffee for our customers. At the same time, we remove the very unpleasant smoke that is generated during roasting, resulting in cleaner air for all.

No fossil fuels are used to roast our coffees or to run our smoke eliminator.

Roasted Date and Freshness

At ROASTmodern, we put the date of roasting on every bag of coffee. When you order coffee from us, your coffee is typically roasted and shipped within 2 business days.

Once a bag is opened, the coffee should be consumed within two weeks. Ground coffee should be used within three to five days. Our bags are resealable to help maintain freshness.

Packaging and Recycling

ROASTmodern uses standard coffee bags with one-way valves to ensure freshness. These bags are fully recyclable at most Recycle BC depots. Our labels are made from 100% recycled paper and use a water-based adhesive.